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Leonine International Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Specializing in:

  • Boiler and Associated Plant
  • Industrial Water Treatment for Boilers and Power Plants
  • Piping, pipe stress analysis
  • Heat Exchange
  • Steam Plant    
  • Power Plant
  • Thermal Oil Heating Plants
  • De-aerators
  • Fans

Leonine International Inc.


 Phone: +1 (519) 260 0052



Past project highlights which give example of the breadth and depth of

services and solutions:

Design pressure vessel of a 60 tph spray type deaerator for a diverse variety of industrial applications

Mechanical design of three new 25tph boilers for a dairy in South Africa

 Water treatment, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis plants for boiler intake up-water at a   brewery

 Piping stress analysis for a new hospital build in the Toronto area

 Piping riser analyses for various towers and condo construction projects in Toronto

 Water treatment for the boiler system at a US ivy league university

 Steam line design to transport steam from a power plant to a greenhouse in Northern   Canada

 Retrofit a gas burner in a previously biomass boiler for a chemical factory

 Stand-by generator for a commercial building in Ontario

 Size and specify cold room refrigeration equipment and layout for a Southern Ontario   food processing plant