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Leonine International Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Specializing in:

  • Boiler and Associated Plant
  • Industrial Water Treatment for Boilers and Power Plants
  • Piping, pipe stress analysis
  • Heat Exchange
  • Steam Plant    
  • Power Plant
  • Thermal Oil Heating Plants
  • De-aerators
  • Fans

Leonine International Inc.

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SA Nylon Spinners

This project was completed in three phases:

  1. The construction of two new 50 MW transformers
  2. The installation of a new electric steam boiler and integration into the existing steam reticulation. This included the installation of a new Reverse Osmosis plant.
  3. The installation of new hot oil thermal heaters to provide the primary heating, with backup using the existing oil fired units.

I first became involved with this project when the company I worked with visited SANS as part of an effort to increase sales.  The team proposed replacing the SANS coal boilers and coal-fired thermal oil heaters with equipment that would reduce the amount of pollution in what was a heavy industrial area, with a community nearby adversely affected by the operation.  The price of coal however had been negotiated well below the market value, and with long term commitments in place.  This stopped any serious consideration of the project at that time because other energy sources could not compete with the artificially low price of coal.

The plant required steam at around 15 barg, and hot thermal oil at 360 °C.  One problem identified with the customer was their use of a specialized composite type boiler.  This plant fired on coal produced both steam for the process, and hot oil that is required for the dyes in the spinning operations.  The project we had successfully developed over a number of years, used electric generated steam with steam generators using oil for standby. 

If the composite boiler was displaced this would affect the operation of the thermal oil and any serious offer would need to include a full proposal of how to replace the capacity of the coal fired unit.  The search for suitable technology identified three potential partners in Europe that produced large high temperature electrical heat exchangers.  A similar business model was proposed for the outsourcing of the supply of energy, which was successful.

The final process model used four off 3 MW electric heaters to allow for minimum impact to the business in the event of any one of the heaters being offline for any reason.

The piping was designed to allow access but separate the four heaters to minimize damage in the event of a fire.  The piping layout was to minimize differences, so that as far as possible the flow through the four heaters was balanced.  Pressure drop calculations at start up, and for different flow configurations were considered.  The pipe expansion was accounted for with the use of loops in the piping as the common headers left the heater building.

The plant was designed with 4 off heaters currently with provision for a further two heaters at some stage in the future.

Leonine International Inc. was responsible for the following:

  • Specifying and selecting the hot oil canned motor pumps.  
  • Specifying and selecting the hot oil electric heater.  
  • Chairing the kick off meeting.  
  • Specifying the valves and fittings.  
  • Preparing the piping specification and the drawings. 
  • Completing the pipe stress analysis of the hot pipes.

Piping LayoutPiping Layout