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Leonine International Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Specializing in:

  • Boiler and Associated Plant
  • Industrial Water Treatment for Boilers and Power Plants
  • Piping, pipe stress analysis
  • Heat Exchange
  • Steam Plant    
  • Power Plant
  • Thermal Oil Heating Plants
  • De-aerators
  • Fans

Leonine International Inc.

10 Queen Street West, Unit 205

Cambridge, Ontario

N3C 1G1


Phone: +1 (519) 260 0052



Leonine International offers design software, a sample of which follows:

CCD - Cyclonic Combustion Design

  • Design furnaces to burn solid biomass fuels.
  • Calculates the fuel properties, providing the designer with feedback on the fuel, comparing the As Received, Dry Basis, Wet Basis and Dry Ash Free.  This is especially important when using high moisture fuels.

CDP - Chimney Design Program

  • Steel chimney stacks
  • Design free standing, and guyed stacks.
  • Design flanged connections
  • Design foundation rings
  • Calculate the stack mass, and correded mass

CEP - Water Treatment Program

  • Converts the water TDS to an expected electrical conductivity
  • Determines the flow / temperature correction factor
  • Determines sea water density and viscosity from the depth and salinity.
  •  Calculates the solids concentration in various units
  • Calculates the dissolved oxygen and nitrogen in water
  • Determines water density for given temperature.
  • Determines the alkalinity balance.
  • Determines the water hardness
  • Determines the particle size for given mesh
  • Reviews hydrogen sulfide limits
  • Determines the speed of sound in water
  • Outputs the water quality for different boiler types
  • Calculates the clean-in-place parameters for reverse osmosis plant
  • Estimates the capital cost of water treatment plant
  • Dosing rates for some typical chemicals used
  • Design of filters such as greensand, cartridge filters units
  • Design of softeners
  • Calculates the Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN), and compares with a number of known alloys.
  • Calculates the Probit for hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide and compares the probability of death based on various 
  • Compares various indices to indicate how scaling a water is
  • Outputs the steam chemistry for condensing steam turbines.

FSP - Furnace Sizing Program

  • Determine the correct furnace dimensions for given boiler capacity
  • Outputs data sheet for inquiry with burner suppliers

HED - Heat Exchanger Design

  • Design and determine the performance of shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Design crossflow heat exchangers
  • Design plate and frame heat exchanges

OPD - Orifice Plate Designer

  • Design orifice plates for use with water, steam or gas.
  • Outputs drawing of the design

QSC - Quick Steam Calculator

Blowing steam through open pipeBlowing steam through open pipe

  • Blow-off steam through an open pipe
  • Boiler blow down pipe sizing
  • Boiler bottom blow down flash steam calculations
  • Condensate return flash steam calculations
  • Steam compressor sizing
  • Desuperheater estimates
  • Steam expansion calculations
  • Pressure reducing station sizing
  • Steam properties
  • Steam tables
  • Electric superheater sizing
  • and much more...

PLC - Pressure Loss Calculator

  • Determines the fluid pressure drop in pipelines and ducts
  • Fluids include steam, water, oil, glycol and gas mixtures

RiserCalc - Riser Calculations

  • Design of vertical pipes in multistory buildings.

VSP - Variable Speed Pump

  • Estimate pump performance at various speeds
  • Used in the selection of boiler feed water pumps
  • Outputs data sheet for boiler feed pump inquiry with suppliers